Top 5 Types of Microbraids Hair Do’s

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These wonderful braided styles from Africa are all the rage in the United States and worldwide. If you take a stroll down virtually every corner in America, you will find a little shop which advertises African Hair Braiding. As a matter of fact, this trend has caught on very quickly to all the girls, women and celebrities who have taken on this unique look. Unlike other enhancements made to your hair, such as perm or dyeing, micro braiding actually damages less your hair. These beautiful tresses are manipulated with or without the addition of hair extensions. Here are some of the most popular micro braids models.

1. Box Braids


As the name suggests it, the process of creating this stylish look involves dividing the hair in tiny boxes approximately two centimetres in length and width. The synthetic strands of hair are braided with your natural ones, beginning at the root. You braid the entire hair in this manner, until it has combined with he extensions. After the process is complete, the newly braided hair can be cut according to the customer’s desire.


2. Braids in Rows


This style is also called cornrow. Just like the previous style, synthetic hair is braided together with your natural hair. Unlike the box style, this one is a little bit more painful. The hairs is pulled tightly along the scalp in order to seal really well the tresses. Although the process is painstaking, the result is amazing.


3. Twist and Shout


No, it’s not the famous Beatles song, but another trendy microbraid style. From afar they might look like dreadlocks, but they are actually twists of the hair strands. These strands, or twists, range in thickness. It is up to you to decide how thin or thick you want the strands to be. The process of making these braids is not that difficult: each section of hair is divided into two strands and twisted all the way down to the ends, which are somehow left slightly undone. This type of microbraids gives the hair a shiny, reddish aspect.


4. Micro microbraids


Can microbraids be micro? Of course they can. This style is created with much more sophistication and patience than box braids. The sole difference between the two of them is size. These micro-microbraids are even thinner and smaller than the box style microbraids. This type of braids takes about 14 hours to complete. Sure it takes a lot of time to make them, but these braids are versatile and fashionable.


5. Tree Braids


For those of you who don’t have a lot of time on your hands to go to the local beauty parlour to renew your braids, the tree braids are the perfect solution. Why? Because for this style, the natural hair is actually corn rowed to the scalp, while the artificial hair is braided into each row and left hang to loose. The others will not observe the faux tresses. Tree braids have become very fashionable among business women, who do not have too much time to maintain the lovely tresses.


Wearing the braided tresses is just wonderful. You have the possibility to play with a wide range of hair do’s for any occasion. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to give your hair a break during summer and winter and a terrific way to encourage hair growth. Just make sure that once in a while you take a break from braiding your hair, as to leave it some time to regenerate. Below you have a great DIY microbraid video tutorial, that will help you to twist and turn the tresses of your friends.

A New And Amazing Hairstyle

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Microbraids are great as they will add a new and sophisticated look to your hair. Micro brading is a wonderful and versatile hairstyle that enhances your natural beauty, so you will look amazing and you will have many small kinky coils which can be weave. In addition, you can make them look more elegant or casual depending on the event you will attend, but your hair can also be styled with a few colors, as well. You can also choose a wavy, curly or wet look, but there are also many other options. Before choosing a certain hairstyle, you have to think of your needs and to also take into consideration the events where you will participate in. In case you have no idea, you can search online or ask the advice of a hairstylist.

Micro brading is anew style that makes you look younger and more beautiful and your physical traits will definitely be enhanced. Plus, if the event you will participate in is very important, you can create a flower or you can have loops of hair on the top of your head for a classy and refined look. This style is very easy to make, but you also have to take care of your hair by using special creams and spays to hydrate it. In case you won’t, it will look horrible, it will be very dry and damaged, so before choosing this hairstyle, you have to think if you have enough time. To be completed this hairstyle, it takes a few hours, between 5-7, but be sure that you will look amazing and everybody will admire you.

Microbraids allow you to have various hairstyle such as ponytails,  curly updos, so you will have a new look, very fast and very easy, which is great. Nevertheless, don’t forget that you have to take proper care of your hair by washing it every 2 weeks and moisture it regularly with coconut or olive oils that will make it shiny and healthy. Using oil sheen is also a great idea as it will look nice and fresh. If you want to change you look, choosing microbraids is a wise idea, this being a wonderful hairstyle perfect for a strong and open-minded woman, who wants to look younger, to be successful and popular, but don’t forget about the above maintenance tips.

Caring for Your Hair Before Getting Microbraids

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The popularity of microbraids has significantly increased in the recent years, especially once the African-American culture has been on the rise and racism is no longer an issue in today’s society. Also known as mini-braids or invisible braids, this hairstyle is approached by both men and women worldwide. People wrongly assume that these braids are very high-maintenance and although many of them want to approach this hairstyle, they are afraid of the caring part. Caring for your micro braids is not that hard, though, especially as you keep in mind certain tips and tricks. It is very important to remember that caring for your hair before getting the braids is the only way to make sure that they will look amazing and will last a long time.

Here are some tips on how to care for your hair before turning it into braids. The first think you need to do is determine whether your hair is healthy enough for braiding or if you’d better skip this hairstyle. If your hair is already damaged, then you might want to fix the problem and concentrate on making it healthy first. In order to do that, you can always get a hot oil treatment that will moisturize your hair and replenish the damaged hair. If you perform this treatment at least once a week for several weeks before the hair “intervention”, then your hair will look amazing when it is braided. You should also moisturize your hair with a deep conditioner every time you wash it in order to ensure its health before braiding. Another thing you should do is trim the ends of your hair. In this way, you will get rid of any split ends that might exist and cause your braids to look unaesthetic.

However, you need to make sure that your hair is long enough for micro braiding after trimming it. If your hair is healthy and does not have any split ends, the only thing you need to do is shampoo and condition it thoroughly right before getting the microbraids. If you do not know any expert in microbraiding, then you should definitely go to a professional salon and have the braids done by a stylist. Regarding aftercare, the stylist will surely give you advice on how to care for your microbraids in order for them to look spectacular for a long time. So keep these tips in mind and everyone will admire your micro braids.

Unique Wedding Hairstyle With Microbraids

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For your wedding day, you need to adopt an unique and unforgettable look. This means that you can be glamorous and funky and in the same time beautiful. One of the most lovely and uncommon hairstyles used by brides are those that include microbraids. The braids should really be micro because a wedding hairstyle should be very elegant and fancy. You are not going to a rock concert, but you will say “I do” in one of the most exciting days of your life. So, you need to adopt a chic and amazing hairstyle that will make you look spectacular. You can combine the braids in any kind of hairstyle, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is to have them made really fine. It is important to be slim because otherwise they will ruin your whole look. Make sure your braids are extra thin and choose the hairstyle that you most love and that you dream to have in the most extraordinary day of your life.

If you want to look beautiful and to be comfortable at the same time, you should ask for braids only until the top of the head. The rest of your hair can be beautifully combed and arranged in a chic chignon. You can even ask the hair stylist to make you big and beautiful braids with the hair that you have left and to arrange them in a modern chignon that you can adorn with hair jewelery like in the picture. There are many hairstyles that can include tiny braids, but it is very important to be comfortable. If you plan to use a big and impressive hair jewel, you should use fine jewelery for you ears and for your neck.

If you plan to use something tiny and simple in your hair, you can opt for chandelier earrings. A hairstyle with microbraids should look fierce and sweet in the same time. Even if you dream of a more edgy look, do not forget that this is your wedding day and you are the blushing bride. Ask for a sophisticated and elegant hairstyle with braids and make sure you feel comfortable. You will have a very long day, so you should keep in mind that the hairstyle should not be very tight, but neither loose to fall apart during the ceremony or party.

Get a Versatile Look with Microbraids

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Micro braiding hair is a cool hairstyle that is done by incorporating tiny knotty brands into streaks of hair. Microbraids are more popular among the African-American female folk. This kind of hairdo is mainly done to add a sophisticated and well tamed look to the hair. As the name suggests it, the hairstyle comprises numerous kinky coils that extend until the end of the hair. Being quite versatile, it can be a bulky weave or a weft weave. Micro braiding hair is a tedious process and if you do not have prior expertise, then you can end up spending half the day to get the exact look. The micro braids are so versatile, so you can get any type of look, either casual or elegant. These tiny braids are usually incorporated in your original hair if you have good volume or else you can attach hair extensions that already contain micro braids. There are certain guidelines that must be followed by beginners before sewing in your hair with these tiny braids.

Make sure your hair is absolutely clean and there are no traces of previously applied gels or conditioners. Start the process in a systematic manner so that you do not end up messing with it. This implies partitioning the hair into sections and tying clips to the strands on which the braiding has been done. This will also render a uniform look to your hairstyle. Continue braiding each section of your hair till the end and fix the end with a hair glue or tie a rubber band into it. This is meant for preventing the braids from getting loose. Roll up the ends if you want a bun or let it hang casually for a carefree appeal.

This versatile hairstyle can be styled with hair highlights and colors. You can apply, combine and contrast a wide range of micro braid hair colors. You can apply, combine and contrast a wide range of microbraids hair colors. The wet and wavy look appears attractive when black braids have fiery red highlights while wavy micros can be blended with cinnamon hues, ebony, and chestnut shades. You can also wear complete jet black extensions on your entire hair. Micro braids when combined with cornrows appear more distinct visibly by addition of highlights of dark and light shades. If you want to remove the micro braids you have to shampoo off your hair, thus you can easily unknot the braid with the help of a comb.

Arranging Your Hair In Microbraids For Special Events

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Arranging your hair in microbraids can be rather difficult for many women who have to go to a special event. Then again, releasing the hair from the very tight and complex hairstyle is not an option, because it will become very puffy and you will not be able to settle it down in one place in time. Therefore, you have to start considering the styles for the special events types of hairdos. One of the things you have to remember is that you have to add classy accents, if you want the final piece to look perfect and suitable for a special occasion. If it is a wedding, a party or even your wedding, your party, you must know that you do not have to opt for the expensive services of a stylist as you can do it all yourself.

Depending on the style of your hair and on its length, you have several options. To start with, if your hair is short, in a bob style or simply surrounding the face, you can arrange your hair with small pins. You can even opt for the ones that have flowers and other symbols on the top, so that you can create a more romantic look. Take the pins and select several braids that are the same in length and pin them to the top of your head. The result will be a mix-up in the back, that will look very elegant. If you have long hair, then you can start by fixing the hair into a ponytail. Then, take a bunch of the braids twist them around to make a loop of hair and apply pins to stabilize them under the base of the ponytail. Make sure to leave the ends out for a more funky look.  

As you can see there are many things that you can do with microbraids, even if you are going to a more special event and you have to look classy and elegant. The loops of hair that you can make on the top of your head are the easiest options for the elegant microbraids based hairstyles. If you are looking for something more complex and unique, you can always shape it in the form of a bow or even in the form of a flower, which can be created with more pins and hair flowers.

Do It Yoruself Microbraids

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In today’s society, when looks is everything and the first image is very important, why not be trendy and elegant with microbraids. Microbraids are a wonderful hairstyle that fits and personality and can be worn on any occasion. There are several microbraids hairstyles that you can try and you can wear. Resembling free flowing hair microbraids can be worn in a variety of styles from curly, wet and wavy or dead straight. Human microbraids can be curled and straightened with ease and synthetic will remain as curly or as straight as when it was bought.

The one thing you should know before getting microbraids is that you need to arm yourself with a lot of patience. The process of making the microbraids can last up to two or more hours. Even if microbraids take more than two, three hours to complete, there are some ways to cut corners. In order to do microbraids quickly, you will either need to do larger microbraids, have a friend help you out or use many fingers for the brading process. If your hair is brittle, then microbraids are not recommended, as they can severely damage your hair.

Have your hair cut before micro braiding to have your hair as healthy as possible. At the very least, have split ends removed. Condition you hair and do alasa doina … c hot oil treatment on your hair at home. This will moisturise your hair, eliminate the potential for hair breakage and provide smoother braids. Next, divide your hair into subsections. Separate a thin section of your hair and divide it into three strands and begin braiding. Tie a slip knot at the end of the braid. Repeat the operation for the other sections of hair.

An important tip to consider when micro braiding. It may be easier to start at the nape of the neck and work your way up to the crown and front. Avoid pulling the braids tightly or making them too small. After you complete your microbraids, make sure you regularly condition your hair with a thing conditioner that washes out easily.

Microbraids Maintenance Tips

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Today’s society teaches us that looks are very important and that having a nice physical appearance matters on every aspect of our lives. As women care more about the physical part, they bend over backwards in order to look impeccable and have the perfect outfit, makeup and hairstyle. If you do not want to worry about bad hair days for a long time, know that you could opt for microbraids. Microbraids come from Africa and have grown in popularity due to the large number of African-American women wearing them. The popularity behind microbraids is also due to the fact that they are long lasting.

Microbraids are versatile and allow for a multitude of hairstyles, from ponytails to curly updos. If you want to get microbraids, you should first arm yourself with patience. This is because microbraids take about 5-7 hours in average to be completed. This depends on the hair length and health. While the process of braiding micros can be daunting, their longevity makes up for it. However, if you do not take proper care of them, your microbraids will no longer look neat and healthy on the long run. So here are some microbraids maintenance tips. Microbraids need to be washed at least every 2 weeks in order to maintain their strength and to reduce the risk of them looking prematurely old. Washing and shampooing will also keep your natural hair clean and healthy.

And speaking of natural hair, know that getting microbraids does not mean that you can forget all about it. You still have to care for it, so moisture the roots with natural oils such as olive or coconut oil in order to prevent them from becoming dry and unmanageable. Spraying oil sheen or hair polish over the microbraids is also a good idea, since this action will make them look fresh and moisturized every day. When it comes to microbraids, it is also important to sleep with your hair covered up with a hair net or a satin (or silk) scarf. Therefore, the microbraids will be kept in place and neat. These maintenance tips are very important if you want both your microbraids and natural hair to look amazing.

Microbraids are an Original Hair Style

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When it comes to hair fashion, microbraids are the best occasion for every woman to look good, and be fashionable in any moment of the day. If you get microbraids, you will always look spectacular. You will also be able to complement your outfits with this great hairdo. Microbraids are one of the most gorgeous type of braids, since they resemble free flowing hair and they can be worn in a variety of styles, from curly, wet or wavy or dead straight.

The best part about microbraids is they can be curled and straightened with so much ease as the synthetic hair will be remain as straight or as curly, as when it was bought. You should know that microbraids can be worn for two or three months, or for as long as you want, as long as the hairline is redone every three weeks. By redoing the hairline you will prevent any thinning of the edges. This is especially important for women wearing the microbraids for a longer period of time.

Since microbraids are done by combining natural and synthetic hair, you should know that they need special attention and special washing. Many women will avoid washing their microbraids for weeks on end, in order to avoid the braids from falling off. Nevertheless, it is detrimental to the health of your hair, which requires constant moisture and care.

When you wash the microbraids, you need to take extra care. Shampoo thoroughly concentrating on the scalp and massage around the braids. You will feel the microbraids going softer, but that should not worry you. Do not rub the braids, just let water flow through the microbraids and wash the shampoo and the conditioner off gently. After washing the microbraids, dry them using a towel or a hooded dryer, depending on the hair do you wish to have: curly or straight. If you get microbraids, you will have endless possibilities of arranging your hair and impressing everyone else with wonderful and unique hair styles. Surely, you will be the main attraction at any social event.

Microbraids Will Improve Your Style

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All women dream about looking perfectly and fashionable every moment of the day. Naturally, great looks can only be obtained when you are able to accessorize all your outfits. No matter if you are using accessories, trendy clothing styles or unique types of makeups, you have to achieve a wonderful style and a great elegance. Microbraids are the best choice to make from this point of view. With microbraids you will always look spectacular and there is really no way you will not be able to complement all your outfits when you can arrange your hair so perfectly.

Microbraids have been a major trend for many years, and it seems that they have managed to make a great comeback. So, microbraids are still fashionable and a change that you will definitely appreciate. With microbraids you can actually make an important look change and show your unique personality through a fashionable choice. Microbraids are the perfect way to take care of your hair. They are great for the hot summer days when all you want to keep your hair tight. Despite what you may have initially heard, microbraids are not that hard to wash or to properly maintain. Although microbraids are considered to be more adequate for the vacation’s sunny days, there is really no reason why you could not also use wear them when you are at work. As long as you opt for an elegant outfit, microbraids can really improve your personal style.

You will feel so amazingly comfortable with microbraids that there is really no way you will not love them. You can arrange your hair as you desire and depending on the event, you can adopt an elegant or causal look. However, with microbraids your hairstyle will be much improved. And when you look good, you are surely going to feel much better and really everyone will notice this difference. Go to a hairstylist as soon as possible and get your fashionable microbraids. You will surely find them as absolutely gorgeous and you will not be the only one to think so.

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