Micro Braids Pictures

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When you look at micro braids pictures you will quickly understand why this hairstyle is extremely popular among black women. Micros are an outstanding choice for anyone who has trouble managing their hair. On top of that, it provides a hassle free, easy to maintain way to wear your hairstyle. Although it can take longer than eight hours to have micro braids put in, it is well worth the effort. You’ll be able to wear your hair in several different styles -- from playful, and fun to sophisticated up do’s. The style can last for up to three months.

Micro Braids

In micro braids pictures there are ponytails and twists great for day-to-day wear. Low buns and French twists can give you an edgy look. This style can be curled giving a romantic look. If you are considering micro braids there are a few things to consider. Women with brittle hair may not find it very beneficial to have their hair braided. The reason being is that micro braids can be extremely damaging to unhealthy hear. By the same token, it can also cause a large amount of new growth during the time it is being worn.

In order to prepare your hair for braids, it is critical that you get your hair to a point where it is as healthy as possible. When you do this, you will be providing the most protection for your hair. Have a professional stylist give you a hot oil treatment or do this yourself at home. Splurge on a deep conditioning and have the ends of your hair clipped to avoid split ends before your hair is braided. Gaze at micro braids pictures to get a good idea of what style will suit you best.