Long Micro Braids

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Hair trends are something different then they were twenty or even ten years ago however keeping up with these trends is not a real difficult task. Micro braids are one of these many trends and these magnificent, tight curls which look similar to the dread locks however much neater and delicate. To achieve the long micro braids you first must have long hair otherwise you could get hair extensions with micro braids already built in otherwise you could wear a wig.

There are several steps that you must complete before starting the steps to getting micro braids such as washing your hair very well with both shampoo and conditioner plus taking out any kind of perm. To help the process work more effectively you can spray your hair with what is called hair oil which keep the natural moisture locked away in the hair and will provide better looking and longer lasting micro braids. It is a good idea to do this as you go along while braiding so that each braid can be oiled effectively.

Start at the back of your head taking a limited amount of hair strands depending on how big you want your braids to be. Braid each section with care and then move this to the side and start again at the next section of hair. Micro braiding can be a long and also expensive process however the end result is something that most people are very happy with. Doing the hair yourself is often the best way to go once you have perfected your technique.