Microbraids Maintenance Tips

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Microbraids, or simply micros, are some of the most gorgeous types of braids and can be worn in a variety of styles. When maintained properly, they can be worn for up to 3 months at a time and still look amazing. If you are planning on getting microbraids or have already had them done and want to know how to properly take care of them, here are some maintenance tips that will keep your micros in great shape.

Dust the microbraids with dry shampoo if they start looking dirty or greasy. Since dry shampoo is made from cornstarch, it will absorb excess moisture without hurting the braids. In the humid summer months, when people tend to sweat a lot, it is even more important to use a dry shampoo. Just dust on the shampoo and rake through with your fingers, but remember not to brush the braids with a brush or comb.


Clean your scalp every day. Even though your microbraids will only get dirty or oily infrequently, your scalp will keep on producing oil. This is why it is very important to wash your scalp. In order to do that, you need to tie your braids into a ponytail and massage shampoo around the front of your hair and between the rows of braids. Rinse out and blot dry, being careful not to rub or scrub the braids. Also, you should handle the braids as little as possible if you want to avoid frizzing.


Get an oil treatment for the bottoms of your microbraids. The bottoms of your braids will get dry from time to time, so applying a light oil will keep them moist. Do that by dabbing oil onto your fingers and gently pinching the ends of your braid. This will keep them looking shiny and healthy. Examples of oils you could use include olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil.


Remove the braids or have the edges retouched after 2 to 3 months. Going through the braiding process may be daunting, but the microbraids will start to look unkempt, dry and frizzy after wearing them for a couple of months. If you want to remove them, make sure you go to a professional who knows how to take them out and avoid any excess damage to your hair. If not, you could simply go to a skilled hairstylist who can retouch the edges and make your head look healthy and redone in less time.


By keeping these simple maintenance tips in mind, you will get your microbraids the longest life and the best appearance. Properly caring for your microbraids will make them look great and help you sport this popular look that even celebrities such as Beyonce and Solange Knowles are now showing.

A New And Amazing Hairstyle

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Microbraids are great as they will add a new and sophisticated look to your hair. Micro brading is a wonderful and versatile hairstyle that enhances your natural beauty, so you will look amazing and you will have many small kinky coils which can be weave. In addition, you can make them look more elegant or casual depending on the event you will attend, but your hair can also be styled with a few colors, as well. You can also choose a wavy, curly or wet look, but there are also many other options. Before choosing a certain hairstyle, you have to think of your needs and to also take into consideration the events where you will participate in. In case you have no idea, you can search online or ask the advice of a hairstylist.

Micro brading is anew style that makes you look younger and more beautiful and your physical traits will definitely be enhanced. Plus, if the event you will participate in is very important, you can create a flower or you can have loops of hair on the top of your head for a classy and refined look. This style is very easy to make, but you also have to take care of your hair by using special creams and spays to hydrate it. In case you won’t, it will look horrible, it will be very dry and damaged, so before choosing this hairstyle, you have to think if you have enough time. To be completed this hairstyle, it takes a few hours, between 5-7, but be sure that you will look amazing and everybody will admire you.

Microbraids allow you to have various hairstyle such as ponytails,  curly updos, so you will have a new look, very fast and very easy, which is great. Nevertheless, don’t forget that you have to take proper care of your hair by washing it every 2 weeks and moisture it regularly with coconut or olive oils that will make it shiny and healthy. Using oil sheen is also a great idea as it will look nice and fresh. If you want to change you look, choosing microbraids is a wise idea, this being a wonderful hairstyle perfect for a strong and open-minded woman, who wants to look younger, to be successful and popular, but don’t forget about the above maintenance tips.

Caring for Your Hair Before Getting Microbraids

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The popularity of microbraids has significantly increased in the recent years, especially once the African-American culture has been on the rise and racism is no longer an issue in today’s society. Also known as mini-braids or invisible braids, this hairstyle is approached by both men and women worldwide. People wrongly assume that these braids are very high-maintenance and although many of them want to approach this hairstyle, they are afraid of the caring part. Caring for your micro braids is not that hard, though, especially as you keep in mind certain tips and tricks. It is very important to remember that caring for your hair before getting the braids is the only way to make sure that they will look amazing and will last a long time.

Here are some tips on how to care for your hair before turning it into braids. The first think you need to do is determine whether your hair is healthy enough for braiding or if you’d better skip this hairstyle. If your hair is already damaged, then you might want to fix the problem and concentrate on making it healthy first. In order to do that, you can always get a hot oil treatment that will moisturize your hair and replenish the damaged hair. If you perform this treatment at least once a week for several weeks before the hair “intervention”, then your hair will look amazing when it is braided. You should also moisturize your hair with a deep conditioner every time you wash it in order to ensure its health before braiding. Another thing you should do is trim the ends of your hair. In this way, you will get rid of any split ends that might exist and cause your braids to look unaesthetic.

However, you need to make sure that your hair is long enough for micro braiding after trimming it. If your hair is healthy and does not have any split ends, the only thing you need to do is shampoo and condition it thoroughly right before getting the microbraids. If you do not know any expert in microbraiding, then you should definitely go to a professional salon and have the braids done by a stylist. Regarding aftercare, the stylist will surely give you advice on how to care for your microbraids in order for them to look spectacular for a long time. So keep these tips in mind and everyone will admire your micro braids.