How To Do Microbraids

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Microbraids are extremely popular nowadays, among women from all over the world. This is a fashionable hairstyle that can make all women look better. However, it is important to know that microbraids last a few months and they need a little maintenance. If you are considering using this hairstyle yourself, you should know that there are some steps you will have to complete in order to make your hair look spectacular. Doing your microbraids yourself will help you save some money.


1. For starters, you will have to make sure that your hair is as healthy as possible. In case you have no idea which products to use for a healthy hair, you may ask the advice of a hairstylist. He may help you learn how to care for your hair and be certain that it stands in its healthiest state. Trim your hair if necessary and moisturize it constantly. Preparing your hair for microbraids should start with about 3 weeks before applying them on.

2. Separate a thin section of your hair. Then, you have to split it into three equal sections. You may choose the size of the hair section depending on how wide you want your braids to be. A section of hair of two to four inches wide is recommended.

3. Braid all thin pieces of hair, one at a time. Braiding is simple. You just have to cross the left section over the middle and then the right section. Braid your hair as tight as possible, all way down to the end.

4. Use a small rubber band to tie the bottom of your braid. No matter what you use, you need to make sure that the ends will be secured.

5. Your entire hair should be braid the same way you did with the first piece. And that is all. You can enjoy your beautiful, brand new hairstyle.

Here is a video on how to do microbraids. Maybe by watching it you will better understand how to complete this process.

Keep your scalp conditioned for as long as you use microbraids. You should use products that are easy to remove from the braids as otherwise you will turn out ruining your new hairstyle in just a couple of days. Specialists recommend to take out your braids after two and a half months. If you want, you can re-braid your hair.