Microbraids are Fashionable for Men

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There are many different styles of braids for men. If you would like to try a braided style, head to a local stylist who is experienced in the art of braiding, especially for something complicated like cornrows. Cornrows, microbraids and braids at the back of the head are a few different ways that men often sport braids.

Here are some of the main types of microbraids men can also wear.


David Beckham sporting Cornrows

Cornrow hairstyles are characterised by tiny braids that are braided extremely close to the scalp. Cornrow styles for men have no limitation. They can be designed in any way. The stylist braids the cornrows in the hair, keeping them close to the scalp and if desired, creates braided designs, such as zig-zags, curves, straight lines, circles, or a combination of all these.



Microbraids are tiny braids also known as invisible braids because they are so small. Unlike cornrows, micro braids hang loose and away from the scalp. Micro braids can be combined with cornrows for a different ways.

Back Braid


A traditional braid style for men is to simply wear one long braid at the back of the head. The stylist gathers all the hair at the back of the head and forms a braid, secured the ends and leaves it to hang down the back.

Male braids are a hairstyle a lot of men don’t even consider, but they can be stylish look. They are most popular with African-American men, but anyone can wear them and make them look good. The longer, the better, though, because the braids will lie flatter near your head if the hair is longer.

Celebrities with Microbraids

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Microbraids can make any girl look spectacular. Women who have launched fashion styles have worn them, microbraids actually becoming very popular among celebrities. Micros usually are popular among famous women, as they can offer the possibility to create numerous fancy hair arrangements. And since celebrities always have to impress with something new, there is no shock in the fact that their popularity is growing by the day. Here you will find a list of the most famous stars who have adopted this trend.

1. Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and famous singers in the world. Listed among the most successful stars of all time, Beyonce has millions of fans all around the world. The star has also created numerous glamorous styles with microbraids hairstyles. With micros Beyonce was able to arrange her hair in a spectacular way, this hair style offering numerous options. The star used microbraids mostly at the beginning of her career, when she was still part of Destiny’s Child.


2. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has worn microbraids for quite a long period of time. Alicia has actually made a fashion statement with her signature braids style, always looking irreproachable. Microbraids last longer than any other type of hair style and they surely open up the face. They have always offered Alicia Keys an amazing look, both on the stage and in her personal life.


3. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has proved that any girl can look amazing with microbraids. Even though it has been believed that this hair style is only popular among Afro-American women, the truth is that really anyone can look spectacular with microbraids. Just look at Christina!


4. Ciara

Ciara has always impressed with her unique hairstyles. The star’s best looks include microbraids. Such as all the other female celebrities already mentioned, Ciara has used this unique hairstyle on a variety of events. Below you will see a picture of how this hairstyle really looks like when arranged for an important event.


5. Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada is a famous actress, producer and singer who has managed to impress with her unique, and really spectacular microbraids hairstyle. In fact, Jada has inspired numerous women from all over the world in recreating her looks.


There are numerous other stars who have used microbraids, some of the most famous ones including names such as Ashanti or Rihanna. Microbraids are the perfect choice whenever you plan on making a new fashionable change when it comes to your hairstyle, but also if you want to recreate the look of your favorite celebrity.