You Can Have A Healthy Microbraid Hair

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Micro braids are a wonderful hair style and are also known as mini-braids or invisible braids. Although this hair style is popular mainly for African women and some men, it has expanded very much.

In case you think that this hair style would be great for you, then you should know that these braids are difficult to maintain, not only while you have them, but also before getting the braids and even after removing them.



Steps to follow prior to micro-braiding:

1. Determine if your hair is healthy enough for this hair style. In case it’s very damaged, you should focus on making it healthy.

2. Get an oil treatment to moisturize your hair and replenish your damaged hair, if it’s necessary. You have to perform this treatment once or twice a week for several weeks before getting your braids.

3. Use a conditioner that will mosturize your hair. This is also an important step as your hair will be very healthy before braiding.

4. Trim the ends of your hair and after this process, make sure that your hair is long enough for micro braiding.

5. Condition and shampoo your hair thoroughly immediately before getting your micro-braids.




Steps For Caring For Your Hair While Micro Braided

1. Follow the pieces of advice from your stylist and in case you don’t understand something, ask him everything you need to know.

2. Wash your hair regularly using the proper type of shampoo and conditioner to moisturise your hair.

3. Use a light leave-in spray, braid spray or hair oil, but make sure that your hair won’t be dry or brittle when you touch it.

4. Use a scalp conditioner, mainly around the edges of the scalp. You can also use Aloe Vera gel, oil or liquid vitamin E. Nonetheless, don’t use a heavy conditioner because it may cause a flaky scalp.

5. Go regularly to your stylist to make sure that your microbraids and hair are fine or in case you see that damage has already occurred.




Caring For Your Hair After Micro Brading


1. The micro braids have to be removed carefully or have them removed by a professional. You have to pay a lot of attention as your hair will be very fragile after being braided for such a long time.

2. Use hair treatments, mainly protein treatment after you have removed your braids. It will help you put strength back in your hair and it will be healthy again.

3. Moisturize your hair after removing your braids. You should use a deep conditioner and moisturiser as the hair is very dry.


If you will follow all these steps, be sure that you will have no problems and your hair will be healthy. Plus, you will look amazing after getting microbraids and a lot of people will admire you.

Top 5 Types of Microbraids Hair Do’s

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These wonderful braided styles from Africa are all the rage in the United States and worldwide. If you take a stroll down virtually every corner in America, you will find a little shop which advertises African Hair Braiding. As a matter of fact, this trend has caught on very quickly to all the girls, women and celebrities who have taken on this unique look. Unlike other enhancements made to your hair, such as perm or dyeing, micro braiding actually damages less your hair. These beautiful tresses are manipulated with or without the addition of hair extensions. Here are some of the most popular micro braids models.

1. Box Braids


As the name suggests it, the process of creating this stylish look involves dividing the hair in tiny boxes approximately two centimetres in length and width. The synthetic strands of hair are braided with your natural ones, beginning at the root. You braid the entire hair in this manner, until it has combined with he extensions. After the process is complete, the newly braided hair can be cut according to the customer’s desire.


2. Braids in Rows


This style is also called cornrow. Just like the previous style, synthetic hair is braided together with your natural hair. Unlike the box style, this one is a little bit more painful. The hairs is pulled tightly along the scalp in order to seal really well the tresses. Although the process is painstaking, the result is amazing.


3. Twist and Shout


No, it’s not the famous Beatles song, but another trendy microbraid style. From afar they might look like dreadlocks, but they are actually twists of the hair strands. These strands, or twists, range in thickness. It is up to you to decide how thin or thick you want the strands to be. The process of making these braids is not that difficult: each section of hair is divided into two strands and twisted all the way down to the ends, which are somehow left slightly undone. This type of microbraids gives the hair a shiny, reddish aspect.


4. Micro microbraids


Can microbraids be micro? Of course they can. This style is created with much more sophistication and patience than box braids. The sole difference between the two of them is size. These micro-microbraids are even thinner and smaller than the box style microbraids. This type of braids takes about 14 hours to complete. Sure it takes a lot of time to make them, but these braids are versatile and fashionable.


5. Tree Braids


For those of you who don’t have a lot of time on your hands to go to the local beauty parlour to renew your braids, the tree braids are the perfect solution. Why? Because for this style, the natural hair is actually corn rowed to the scalp, while the artificial hair is braided into each row and left hang to loose. The others will not observe the faux tresses. Tree braids have become very fashionable among business women, who do not have too much time to maintain the lovely tresses.


Wearing the braided tresses is just wonderful. You have the possibility to play with a wide range of hair do’s for any occasion. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to give your hair a break during summer and winter and a terrific way to encourage hair growth. Just make sure that once in a while you take a break from braiding your hair, as to leave it some time to regenerate. Below you have a great DIY microbraid video tutorial, that will help you to twist and turn the tresses of your friends.

A New And Amazing Hairstyle

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Microbraids are great as they will add a new and sophisticated look to your hair. Micro brading is a wonderful and versatile hairstyle that enhances your natural beauty, so you will look amazing and you will have many small kinky coils which can be weave. In addition, you can make them look more elegant or casual depending on the event you will attend, but your hair can also be styled with a few colors, as well. You can also choose a wavy, curly or wet look, but there are also many other options. Before choosing a certain hairstyle, you have to think of your needs and to also take into consideration the events where you will participate in. In case you have no idea, you can search online or ask the advice of a hairstylist.

Micro brading is anew style that makes you look younger and more beautiful and your physical traits will definitely be enhanced. Plus, if the event you will participate in is very important, you can create a flower or you can have loops of hair on the top of your head for a classy and refined look. This style is very easy to make, but you also have to take care of your hair by using special creams and spays to hydrate it. In case you won’t, it will look horrible, it will be very dry and damaged, so before choosing this hairstyle, you have to think if you have enough time. To be completed this hairstyle, it takes a few hours, between 5-7, but be sure that you will look amazing and everybody will admire you.

Microbraids allow you to have various hairstyle such as ponytails,  curly updos, so you will have a new look, very fast and very easy, which is great. Nevertheless, don’t forget that you have to take proper care of your hair by washing it every 2 weeks and moisture it regularly with coconut or olive oils that will make it shiny and healthy. Using oil sheen is also a great idea as it will look nice and fresh. If you want to change you look, choosing microbraids is a wise idea, this being a wonderful hairstyle perfect for a strong and open-minded woman, who wants to look younger, to be successful and popular, but don’t forget about the above maintenance tips.